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20 December 2024 @ 12:19 am


ps: a friend of mine, Lia, who loves TOKIO and Nagase so much, also use this LJ sometime; so probably it's her who drag you here.

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I'm challenging myself (also my heart and feeling) again, this season, because,
who can even resist Yamamura Ryuta's acting debut as a super handsome cool TV announcer?

I'm going to sub this winter Getsuku drama, "Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu".
I'm not promise I will finish subbing this, depends on how people appreciate my work, and my mood.
And if someone else picking up this drama.
[Yes, I'm doing this alone. Maybe will ask scheiji_1412 to do the timing sometime.]

Because the last time I -- we sub, my fragile heart got broken endless time,
this time, I will lock this post once I uploaded my sub.
Post will only for mutuals.

If you're here only for the subs, please do comment below AFTER adding me, so I can add you back.
Short introduction won't hurt, yeah?
And don't forget to add why you want to watch this drama.

If I haven't add you back couple days after you left a comment,
please do message me.

I cannot add back non-LJ accounts.
If you don't have one, you can regist a new account, and add me.
I'll add you back even if you have no post yet; as long as you leave a comment here.


02 November 2016 @ 01:52 pm

Today is 2 November but my mind already goes to the year-end because.. YES. Another Japan trip this winter!

At first I was planning to go around 26 or 28, because the trip was only for flumpool's countdown live (12/31) whatistheneedtocostmoremoneyonlivingfeeswhentheairtixitselfisalreadybrokemeup, but the plan changed to 24 December until 1 January, because! Not only flumpool, I'm going to Johnny's WEST's 1st dome live (12/24) and Kanjani8's Nagoya live (12/25), too! Wohoo!

If you're live somewhere near Osaka or Kansai area, or even going to those lives too, let's meet up!

This would be my first winter ever in my 23 years of life. And since I'm not a cold person, if you have some coats or winter jackets, please do lend me some.

Anyway, since this kind of thing is really happening right now and everyone has been doing this, I'm opening an Japanese stuffs order so you can buy things from Japan through me.

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Since I'm too lazy to update the goods price list, you can check it here [personal blog, hehe].

Have a good November and December!
I'm waiting to your orders andhopefullycoatorjackets! ^^
04 September 2016 @ 07:00 pm

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Because, who'd say no to Ayano's sexy voice as Nyx, right?
25 August 2016 @ 11:59 pm
Yo! I'm back with more Ikari and Gay Go + Gay Bukki related post! XD

As per today, Ikari team released special teaser for Tokyo, then Okinawa next week, last is Chiba; on GYAO.

And.. you know how hyped I was for all this Yuma/Naoto thing, right?

I won't spazz anymore. I already did today. A lot. On twitter. So, I'll just post some caps here.

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Since GYAO can only be watched in Japan, this generous me, who took HOURS to finally can watch and download it because GYAO didn't love me the way I love Go and Yuma/Naoto, will share you the video :D

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ps: congratulations on your marriage, Bukki!

[update 31/8]
Ikari posted an official soundtrack's music video today, called "forgiveness", but region-restricted; and I'll just share it here, too.

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